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View our Community Fundraising toolkit here.

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Please keep in mind that all checks should be mailed or hand delivered within 45 days of the event

In accordance with the Community Fundraising toolkit, the community organization/individual agrees to: 

  • Adhere to Michigan Medicine branding identity and standards and include language deemed necessary by representatives of Michigan Medicine in all promotions;
  • Positively represent the Michigan Medicine reputation
  • Send in donations in a timely manner
  • Be solely responsible for any tax obligations that may arise in connection with its event/initiative activities*

In accordance with the Community Fundraising toolkit, Michigan Medicine agrees to: 

  • Provide necessary language for promotional materials; and provide logos and artwork as appropriate
  • Provide a letter of support that highlights the community organization’s/individual’s intent to donate to Michigan Medicine if requested
  • Assist with promoting the initiative on Michigan Medicine’s online calendar
  • Provide donor recognition*

If the community organization/individual fails to adhere to the guidelines above or in the Community Fundraising toolkit, Michigan Medicine may terminate the relationship. 

The community organization/individual agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Michigan Medicine, the Regents of the University of Michigan, their board members, officers, and employees from and against any costs, losses, liabilities, expenses, judgments, that may arise out of the community organization’s/individual’s events and/or initiatives for which the community organization/individual would be liable in law or equity.

*For more detailed information on tax exempt status, donor tax receipting and donor recognition please refer to the Community Fundraising Toolkit

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